Keep your content fresh and exciting, and your viewers coming back!

Hourly Billing

We bill hourly instead of ‘per project’ to make your life easier. You can easily track the dollars being spent and keep within your budget. Our videographers document every minute so you know exactly how the time is being spent.

Monthly Subscription

We set you up on a monthly plan that gives you a fixed number of hours per month. We will consult with you to figure out exactly how many hours you will need, depending on your budget and content schedule. We believe this is the best model for producing great quality content month after month!

Customer Portal

Our customer portal has all the information you need to know about your current projects, videos, and deliverables. We even break down how much time was spent on each video, and give a detailed description of what the videographer was doing during that time. You will always know exactly where your money is going.

Our Work

Canadian Tire - Tested - 15 hrs

This is 1 of 3 videos we created to kick off the Canadian Tire “tested” series. We shot all three videos over the course of 1.5 days. The videos were ready to go within a few days of shooting them, and they were used as part of a “tested” social media campaign.

Bordeen - Out in the Dark - 10 hrs

Recording artists “Bordeen" needed to up their video presence and they came to the right place! This is 1 of 4 videos we produced for them during a live studio recording session. We shot all 4 videos in a one day session then edited them into four separate deliverables. Bordeen then released the four videos over the course of a few months maintaining fresh content over their social channels which in turn bolstered fan engagement.

TriOS - Gaming workshop - 15 hrs

Our client Student Life Network was hired to raise the profile of the triOS college video game production and design programs. They did this by creating open workshops to prospective students. The video was used to promote future workshops.

Lorex - Wi Fi Connect - 8 hrs

Our long time client “Lorex Technology” releases four pieces of fresh video content every month. It is no wonder that since we have started working with them, their YouTube channel traffic has skyrocketed to over 3 million views!


Hours/Month Description Rate/Hour
10-20 Great for 1-2 videos per month. $145
20-30 About 2-3 videos per month and a 7% discount. $135
30-40 About 3-4 videos per month and a 14% discount. $125
40+ 4+ videos per month and a 21% discount! $115

Brands that trust us

Dell Canadian Tire SLN Marks SportChek Lorex


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